Date: 29th December 2016
Here's How Businesses Utilize PrintAVizion Video-in-Print Technology

“Without our personalized Video Brochures, we would not have had such great success in our company. Then it allowed me to win the GKIC marketer of the year!”

Brett Jennings uses his video book to assist with his Silicone Valley listing sales cycle. With a little help from a Barbara Corcoran endorsement and insight on the benefits of working with his firm, this solution gives Brett an edge on his competition and has helped land him many new listings.

We designed and producted Allstate’s corporate recruiting tool. They utilized this Video Brochure to convert independent insurance agency owners into Allstate agents. This Video Brochure was custom developed with a pocket folder to fit a DVD that had additional content. This effort has been a huge successs for them.

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